Color Ballz


Try and bring all the balls back to the machine


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Color Ballz is an arcade game in which the players must constantly bring balls back to a machine, using a paddle like in Arkanoid or other similar titles. The more balls you get back, the more points you earn.

Color Ballz has relatively simple rules: One ball means one point. At certain points during the game you can change the color of the ball, and each time the color changes earns you a new multiplier. By the time you get to red balls, you'll be earning not one, but ten points for each ball returned!

But multipliers are not the only 'power ups' in Color ballz. By collecting the other two 'power ups' in the game you can also create new balls or make them much larger.

Color Ballz is an arcade game with a simple concept that offers a truly fun and original game experience. A classic Ketchapp title, with nice graphics and addictive game play, Color Ballz will keep you entertained for hours.

Android 4.0.3 or higher required